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Berlin Marathon - Love burns

Author:管理员 Time:2018-10-29

A total of 44,389 runners took part in the 2018 Berlin Marathon

40,775 people finished the race

  The Berlin Marathon is a city marathon held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, on September 16 this year. In the six Grand Slams of the world. The fastest track in the world. It's a good name. This is the cradle of world records and the best track for runners around the world to set personal record PB



  Chairman Ying Shufeng, a member of the China Packaging Federation, represented Meixun Cellular Machinery in the Berlin Marathon!

--------- thin honeycomb cardboard, leading the new trend of packaging

  With the development of The Times, a healthy body and the realization of self-worth have gradually become the criteria for defining success. Choosing a brand that fits with their spiritual pursuit and lifestyle has become a way for them to perfectly express themselves. As the first equipment brand to enter the thin cell industry, Mexun has always worked with customers to pursue greener and more sustainable green production methods. Increasing research and development investment in thin cell field and developing high-quality equipment is the goal that Mexun has been pursuing.



The little sister behind him stole the show



  Chairman Ying Shufeng said through this trip that the spirit of cellular enterprise pursuit is like running a marathon, and constantly challenging themselves to create personal achievements!

-------- brand connotation, promote the future

  The courage to find a new path and the spirit of indomitable has been deeply rooted in the brand spirit of Mexun. As the leading brand of cellular machinery in China, Meisun not only uses unique materials saving, green, environmental protection and automation to convey to manufacturers, but also hopes to pass on the brand spirit and product connotation to more people. In the future, Meisun will continue to deeply implement the brand strategy and wholeheartedly bring a comprehensive and innovative brand experience to China's honeycomb paperboard industry.



The chairman and his friends displayed the national flag at the Brandenburg Gate to commemorate the growing strength of the motherland and express a patriotic heart

Wonderful moment



Eliud Kipchoge became the first person in human history to run under 2:02 in an official race 02:01:39